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In 1976, Joe Dobbs with the help of his brother, Dennis, started the Fret 'n Fiddle in Huntington, W.Va. Shortly after Dennis left the business in 1980, Joe moved the shop to St. Albans, W.Va., where it remains today. For 30 years, the Fret 'n Fiddle has enjoyed the respect of musicians and collectors alike.

We offer new and used string instruments. In particular, we specialize in vintage instruments, including vintage guitars, vintage mandolins, vintage banjos and vintage fiddles. We are a Martin Dealer andan aurthorized Martin repair center in West Virginia. We ship instruments all over the world. Consigned merchandise has always been a large part of our service. Recently, we also added the Fret 'n Fiddle Recording Studios to our services.



insideappWest Virginia Public Radio's "Inside Appalachia" has paid tribute to Joe with a special hour, featuring many musicians along with a editition of Joe's classic "Music from the Mountains" radio show. Click here for all the details!


DanielGood Instruments

Most musicians -- especially the exceptional ones -- spend so much time perfecting their playing skills that they are not aware of all the adjustments and set-up techniques that are necessary to make their instrument easier to play.

DanielSo few musicians -- and even fewer craftsman -- are aware of this precise setup.

After more than 30 years of experience, we pride ourselves in our ability to adjust your instrument to play its very best.

"Hey Joe!" writes Virginia guitarist Warren Sedberry. "I just picked up my Howard Roberts Custom Epiphone guitar today and had to make myself stop playing it long enough to send you a note of thanks for doing such an excellent job on the frets.

"It plays and sounds great! I was able to lower the action just to where I like it,not too high,not too low,but jussst right. THANKS!!!!"

Daniel3And Vince Lewis of Amherst, Va., notes, "Joe Dobbs recently did a fret-dress on one of my custom-built Heritage archtop guitars. I demand a super low action for the style and way that I play, which requires a perfect set-up. After Joe completed the first guitar, I immediately brought my other custom guitar over from Virginia to have him perform his magic once again.

"These are very expensive guitars, and the work was completed quickly with the instruments returned to me in perfect condition. I HIGHLY recommend Joe Dobbs as the guitar technician for any professional player who demands the best in quality service. When it is your living, you can accept nothing less."

We at Fret 'n Fiddle know that having a musician report that a repaired instrument plays great is the most complimentary thing that can be said to a technician. Click here for more about our instrument repair work.

And we are an authorized Martin Guitar Service Center.


Introducing for
your recording needs

bunkerThe Fret ’n Fiddle Bunker offers a modern full service digital recording studio to accommodate your audio needs.

With our software, audio is recorded digitally directly onto a hard drive.

This enables us to achieve better quality and provide unlimited takes and tracks.  We can provide you with tracks that you can mix at home.

From demos to "single" production packages and full CDs, your project will be given special attention.

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