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We're Known
for Our Repair


repairsJoe learned repair out of necessity.

Back home in Louisiana, his first guitar was a Stella that had a crack down the side.

He traded a set of bicycle pedals for it and after repairing the crack, he learned his first guitar chords.

repairsIn 1948, his second guitar was a Gibson ES-125. He traded a fellow 4H Club member two registered Duroc Jersey pigs for it.

However, the Gibson's neck was cracked, so he had to repair it before it was playable.

His first Martin was D-18. It also had to be repaired, because someone had backed a car over the case crushing the headstock.

We're ready to fix whatever misfortune has befallen your instrument. Bring it in!



DanielDanielDaniel Dawson

Daniel’s grandfather played the banjo. He also owned a fiddle that interested Daniel when he was boy 13 years old. He started taking violin lessons and has continued studying for the past 10 years. Daniel got into repairing violins out of necessity. He took a fiddle into the Fret ‘N Fiddle to be repaired and could not afford the $90 cost so he purchased the necessary parts and started a career repairing stringed instruments. Training as a repair person with several people including Chris Germaine at the Augusta Workshops in Elkins, West Virginia.

In addition to his violin repair Daniel is a specialist in setting up guitars. He does excellent fret work on guitars, mandolins, banjos
and electric bass guitars. He runs the repair department at the Fret’N Fiddle. Our musician customers love his work.


Venerable Old-Timers!

And doing what we do, we sometimes get to visit with -- and work on -- some wonderful old instruments, as illustrated by that great Les Paul above. Sometimes our customers bringing in VERY old instruments. For instance, take a look at this 1850s Martin guitar that dropped by the shop for some major work not long ago. This ol' boy was around for the Civil War and now it's going strong again.



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